My Concern for “Christians”

heavenMy Concern for “Christians”

Many of my friends say “I am a Christian and I’m going to heaven.”  I ask, “How do you know?”  The answer is usually something along the lines that they said a prayer, somewhere, with sincerity, asking God into their heart.  The reality is that well over 50% of Americans believe something similar, and yet we all recognize that very few people live the Christian life.

The Bible does not state that if one says a prayer, with sincerity, they become saved.  The Bible says that we must have faith in Jesus, and repent.

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The Bible

The Bible Those who know me also know that I believe that the Bible contains that truth we are looking for.  But why do I believe that?  What makes the Bible better than the Koran, The Book of Morman or any of the thousands of books about philosophy and the truth of eternal life and … Read more