The Hobby Lobby Decision and What it Means for the Church

The Hobby Lobby decision shows the power of prayer when the people of God pray together in unity and with one voice. Liberty of conscience and freedom of religion is preserved and the Supreme Court avoided making the same mistake it made with Dred Scott.


IHaveBut1.Hope by Aric Hartle  Definition Hope:A feeling of expectation or desire to have something to happen. Trust. A person I know had a bad run in with luck last year. He was telling me how bad his year ended and I was just amazed that he even lived through it. It started with his spouse’s … Read more

Scientists Talk about their Faith

All too often the hackneyed excuse of, “I can’t believe in God because science and the Bible contradict” is thrown out as a conversation stopper to quickly dismiss the gospel (unfortunately, there are Christians who promote this thought as well). The reality is that science and Christianity complement one another. The complementing belief is not something only held by laymen, but scientists throughout history have firmly held the belief that science and Scripture go together (e.g. Newton, Kepler, etc).