As the newest contributor to IGOTASAVIOR.COM, I wanted to take a moment to introduce myself and share my heart’s desire in agreeing to share my works here.

I’m an average, middle age guy that likes to share his love for God with others.  Sometimes, I struggle doing so.  In today’s society, many find the idea of someone talking to them directly about God to be impolite, at best.  Yet, the Bible warns us that if we stay silent about God’s love and holiness, the very rocks will cry out.  In addressing this concern in my own life, I studied a number of teachers and pastors to learn not only how to best communicate my faith, but to do so politely and with love.  For Paul warns us that without love, having truth serves no purpose.  By the grace of God, I do that today.  I enjoy writing articles to encourage others to do the same.

Is This Wrong?Along those lines, I take time each week to study the Bible and other theological manners.  2 Timothy reminds us to study to show ourselves approved and 1 Peter 3 instructs us to always stand ready to give an answer for the faith we believe in.  Nearly every week, I write a short, personal journal about whatever subject I study and share it through blogging.  While I primarily work to better equip myself, by the wisdom of God’s Spirit, I share these exercises through various channels on the ‘net with the hope that they may bless others, as well.  I also use comics, stories and prose to express the passion of my faith as time allows.  After all, who doesn’t enjoy a good story?  Finally, through these blog entries, I like to share the music, stories, videos, etc., created by others, which God has used to help draw me closer to Him.  Often times, I add them as part of whatever lesson God laid on my heart to write about for the week.

I encourage others to write comments or ask questions about each of my entries.  God’s Word encourages us in multiple ways to seek Him, together, and to sharpen one another.

I pray that He help me to give my utmost for His Glory.  I pray that you will be drawn closer to Him though my efforts here.

By His Grace,

Phil aka JCServant<>

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