JJ Smith’s Testimony

Disclaimer: I’m only human and I’m nothing to be marveled at.  I have made many mistakes in my life that I’m not proud about, but I know one thing is for sure.  Jesus Christ will forgive you no matter what you have done in your life.  I’m only a servant here to serve my Lord Jesus Christ.

Some Family Background

To give you some insight on where I came from we would have to start with my parents.  Let’s start with my Dad.  He was raised by an abusive alcoholic father who beat his family every day.  At age 9 he worked on a garbage truck and never got to finish school.  He was raised by witches, he was into drugs, and was on the streets for most of his youthful life.  His life was something I could never dream of and I wish I could tell you it all, but that would take a book.  You would almost think he was doomed, but Jesus took his hand at age 19 and accepted him into the family.  With no schooling or job he was hired as a mechanic to work on cars and God has blessed him with many years of work.  Just remember to never give the devil the ground he needs to destroy you as I will explain in my teen years.

My Mother was another person that came from a mentally abusive family.  Her Dad was an alcoholic also for many years, and her mom was very mentally abusing.  Close to my grandpas passing, he accepted Jesus Christ into his heart, and I know one day I will see him with my savior in heaven.  My mom and I still have problems to this day and I hope one day she figures it all out.  She has come from a family that didn’t believe in Jesus Christ and made it super hard for my Dad to preach his faith to them.  My mother is saved, and I do believe God will heal her from all the mental abuse when she gets to heaven.

My Childhood

I was born into a Christian family.  We had many struggles in my early childhood.  For example my sister was born with Spina bifida.  The devil was working overtime on us, as my Dad was a youth pastor of the church we attended.  I went to a public school until 5th grade then made a transfer to a Christian school.  Remember when I said don’t give the devil any ground.  Well he finally got to my Dad.  The church we attended for years says to my Dad that he is no longer the youth pastor because he didn’t have the schooling.  Funny how the church loves to shoot its own, and when did preaching the gospel become something that needed a degree?  Well that happened when I was 16 teen and you can image what happened from there.  My Dad didn’t know what to do with himself and that is when life went down in a downward spiral.  My parents and I went to war as the devil was ready to rip us apart.  Something was now missing for me, and I didn’t know what it was, so I started to date.  Well that didn’t go very well for me as I became very sexually active with many women trying to fill a void in my life.  My life became so depressing; I tried to kill myself and ended up in a rehab house for 6 months.  Got out and found out life was better in rehab, so I relapsed and did it again.  This time they weren’t letting me out until I said I was ok.  I told them what they wanted to hear just so I could get out.  By that time my Dad left my Mom for someone else and I moved back home to deal with all this mess.  I then needed to keep filling my void in my life so I became a professional DJ entertainer and worked super hard to get work.  I put everything I had into becoming the best I could become.  I got to work at many nightclubs around the county and many people knew of my work.  Problem is, being in that type of environment brings, sex, drugs and rock-n-roll.

Early Adulthood

Working in the nightclub business is a way to see people who are unhappy with their life and my life was out of control.  I meant my wife at a nightclub so if anything good came out of it she is the only thing.  I have hurt her many times over and I wish I could take it all back, but God has helped us become close again and she is a great woman!  For many years in the back of my mind I knew God wanted me to do something good with my life and I was very scared to give God control.  It took me many years of my life to come back to Jesus Christ.  I had so many skeletons in my closet.  All the lies, sexual addictions, trying to be someone who I thought people would like, but really in essence they hated.  My marriage was on rocky ground from the start as I lied to my wife about who I really was.  I mean I told her of God, but never really acted on it.  Every once in a while we would go to church, and I always heard this voice saying its ok come back home, but I never listened until one day I saw a huge truck coming down the road and thought I couldn’t do this anymore so I put the pedal to the ground, but I heard someone say “It’s ok. I forgive you no matter what you have done.”  I then went home and told my wife everything about me and who I was and had become.  They say the truth will set you free.  They aren’t joking it does.  I knew I had to make it right for my wife and our newly born son.  Finally after many years I was free, but now I had to rebuild all the damage and figure it all out all over again.  Let me tell you I have fallen flat on my face, but I have got back up and kept on going.  Just keep in mind God will forgive you no matter what you have done.  All you have to do is ask him into your heart and believe he died for your sins and you will be saved.   This is just one ounce of all the problems I had to deal with, but please know Jesus has carried me though it all.

Reborn again

After I gave my life back to Christ I gave up the nightclub scene and got a normal job, but keep in mind I have performed in front of many large crowds and wanted something where I could do the same, but on a different level.  I have loved cars my whole life – as I told you my Dad has been a master technician for many years.  I wanted to do something good to help people and show people that God truly does save.  So I created a small company called I.G.O.T.A. ®, which stands for “Internet Gathering Of Truly Active.”  You’re saying what?  I know let me explain.  Well let’s say you have a love for Subaru cars, and you own one, and wanted to learn and share your passion with other people all over the world.  You would then have IGOTASUBARU.COM (which we own, by the way).  We run a company built on principles and NO DRAMA!  I use this company to show people that we are different.  I don’t shove religion or talk about anything like that on the sites.  I show people kindness and compassion and they respect me for that.  After they get to know me, I get lots of questions asking me why I’m not like the rest.  To date we have over 1,000,0000 members and 150 sites and growing as people are looking for something not like the rest.  One day I was working on one of my other sites and IGOTASAVIOR.COM popped into my head.  It was like I saw the writing on the wall.  I thought “surely someone would own this name.”  To my surprise it wasn’t, so I purchased the rights for the company, and now we are going to take this site and do many wonderful things for God and his kingdom.

Remember there is nothing you have done or can do that Jesus Christ won’t forgive.  I have been down that road and done it all.  There is so much more to my story, but I hope is that if you get anything from my story, it would be that Jesus loves you and will save you from your sins.  He loves you and only wants the best for you.  It’s not going to be easy as I have had many people come at me for this site and my beliefs.  All you have to do is know is God is on your side and loves you very much.  He loved you so much that he gave his only son to die for your sins.  It’s a great feeling to know that someone loves you know matter what you have done in your life.  Never forget one thing!  It’s gonna save your life!

PS:  I race for “Team Jesus!”


“I Can Do All Things Through Christ Who Strengthens Me”
Philippians 4:13<>

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