Taking Down Crosses


On a fairly regular basis, friends will share with me articles showing acts that range from atheistic to down right anti-Christian or anti religious.  One day, one may show me an article about the a plaque with the ten commandments taken down from a local courthouse.  Another might show me an article where a judge overturned the state’s conservative majority decision to define marriage as one man and one woman.  For a number of years exceeding well over a decade (or more), this steady stream of news bombards me from various angles and directions.

Yet, for me, the only amazing fact about these articles is that my friends find them amazing enough to share with me.

The United State, along with the vast majority of countries in the free world (if not ALL of them), walks away from God many, many moons ago.  In all honestly, having spent a significant portion of my free time studying religious history, I struggle to find any point where a majority of any people followed the Lord with all of their heart.  Even Israel, God’s chosen people, constantly fell away from His plan.  They persecuted most of God’s prophets and speakers!  If God’s chose people acted out of hearts of stone, why does it surprise us that, centuries later, our modern countries act very much in the same way?

thanksFor Americans some of the surprise comes from the fact that in the past, faith in Christ, along with its various trappings, was, at the very least, accepted by the majority.  Even the town drunk respected the position of spiritual leadership a local  pastor held in the community.  People looked at icons of faith, such as copies of the Bible, crosses, etc., with respect.  Now, our community as a whole treats them with intolerance and disdain.

However, make no mistake, if times have changed, it has been a surface issue only.  Throughout the ages, people may have treated the icons and trapping of faith with more respect, but rarely, if ever, have they truly followed God with all their heart, as the Bible commands.  Social pressures may have kept people in check in the past, but as times change, and those pressures with them, true intentions and desires bubble to the surface.  However, make no mistake, careful study of history confirms that at no point in our past, as a collective whole, did we ever seek the Lord, our God, first and foremost.

This, however, should not discourage us from doing so in our personal lives.  History does show us numerous followers of Christ who dedicated must of themselves to His Call.  Some paid the ultimate price, and their blood planted the seeds for generations of faithful.  Let us not put our faith in this world but, rather, put our faith in Christ!  Let us not look to the world, or the United Stated, but to the Cross.

Chuck Colson once said,

“Where is the hope?

I meet millions of people that tell me that they feel demoralized by the decay around us.

Where is the hope?

The hope that each of us has is not in who governs us, or what laws are pass, or what great things we do as a nation.

Our hope is in the power of God working through the hearts of people.

That’s where our hope lies  in this country.

And that’s where our hope lies in our life.”


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