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Those who know me also know that I believe that the Bible contains that truth we are looking for.  But why do I believe that?  What makes the Bible better than the Koran, The Book of Morman or any of the thousands of books about philosophy and the truth of eternal life and death?

To provide all of the support necessary to answer that question would be well beyond the scope of this missive.  For myself, it started when I studied the Bible and a number of other religious books.  I noticed a huge contrast between them.  The Bible is about God.  The other books are about man.  The Bible drives us to worship God first and last.  Other books drive us to worship man and man-made organizations.  The largest contrast I saw was that every other religion is about man DOING something to ‘earn’ his salvation.  The Bible says that Jesus already DID what needed to be DONE on the Cross.  There is no work we can do to earn our salvation or make ourselves more holy.  Our ‘best deeds’ are dirty rags before a Holy God in light of our terrible sins.  Therefore, our case would be hopelessly lost, and we would all go to hell (deservedly so), were it not for the fact that this Holy God loved us so much to die in our place.

That was the reason I believed that Bible was a Holy text over the others I read.  Later, I came to have faith in Jesus and His Work on the Cross for my sin.  Over the years since, I have found much more evidence of how the Bible stands heads and shoulders above every other ‘holy text’ created.  A summary of those evidences may be found at http://www.70× .  More details are easily found through a google search.  “Evidence that Demands a Verdict” by Josh McDowell provides a much more detailed and systematic approach to understanding the huge amount of evidence supporting the Bible (<>

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